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A healthy breakfast is made up of natural foods from different food groups. An example of a healthy breakfast is a piece of fruit, egg whites and a low fat, low sugar cereal with milk.

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Q: What constitutes a healthy breakfast?
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What percentage of the world eats healthy at breakfast?

36% people of world eats healthy breakfast.

Is pizza healthy for breakfast?

Pizza is not considered a healthy meal whenever it's eaten, but it can be eaten for breakfast.

Types of breakfast?

healthy , un healthy and yummy

Are crisps a healthy breakfast?


Will a healthy effect a student's learning ability?

yes a healthy breakfast vs. none or a say brownie your best bet would be a healthy breakfast

How to make a healthy breakfast?

You can make a healthy breakfast by making a poached egg on toast, with sliced cantaloupe, or another piece of fruit.

Are nuts a good breakfast?

well if u think about it maybe it is but if you call it breakfast its not going to be a very healthy breakfast

Is vegetarianism controversial?

Yes; there is much heated debate as to what constitutes vegetarianism and how healthy it is.

How can you prepare for the CRCT?

Sleep well and have a healthy breakfast.

What nutrients a healthy breakfast should contain?

A healthy breakfast should contain proper amounts of carbohydrates and other nutrients to keep the person active throughout the day.

Where can I purchase sausage breakfast casserole online?

You can get Susana Barton's book Breakfast Casserole Recipes: Healthy Breakfast Recipes & Sausage Breakfast Casserole at for the low price of $21.95.

How breakfast can help a person to live longer?

Eating breakfast can't help you live longer; living healthy can.