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There are several companies that offer prepaid legal as an employee benefit, a few of them are: Leo Kolbert, Apple, and even Sprint offers a form of prepaid legal services.

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Q: What companies offer prepaid legal as an employee benefit?
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The Importance of An Employee Confidentiality Statement?

An employee confidentiality statement is important for most businesses in order to protect your company in the event that an employee quits or is fired from their position. Most employees do not mind signing an employee confidentiality statement, and you can have it worded by a lawyer to ensure that it holds legal ground in court.

Termination Letter?

Get StartedA Termination Letter can be interpreted as a legal document by a court of law should your company be sued over the termination. For this reason, the Termination Letter should not conflict with any employment agreement or contracts you signed with the employee. Brevity is important when creating a Termination Letter. The contents should be limited to contractual responsibilities of the terminated employee, the reason for the termination, and instructions for receiving termination benefits. Each state has separate termination requirements, and it is your responsibility to ensure the Termination Letter complies with your state's laws. Be sure to consult an attorney if you have any questions or concerns about terminating an employee.

Can you still send telegrams?

Simply answered - yes. A quick Google search turned up a number of companies that will still use this tried and true methoed of commumications. Appearantly they can be used easily as legal documentation. Not to mention they are nostalgic.

Do life insurance policies have to be hand delivered?

I think that is the legal procedure. Legally, your policy can be delivered by receiving it through the mail. This is generally don't with policies that are purchased tough forms that are mailed in to the company. Most companies will deliver them in person.

What are the legal implications for miscommunication?

Legal implications that could arise from miscommunicationTHE SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS ARISE when the designer handles contractor time extention.

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Where can one find prepaid legal plans?

Prepaid legal plans are available from many legal firms, for example Legal Shield and Pre Paid Legal. Other companies which offer this service are Legal Plans, Divorce Packet Processing and Nolo.

Where can prepaid legal services be obtained?

There are a few companies that offer prepaid legal services. These are individuals that provide limited legal services at a considerably lesser cost than bigger firms. There is a list in the local Yellow Pages.

Is getting prepaid legal advice a good idea?

The use of prepaid legal advice is a personal decision. Some families or individuals that seem to require alot of legal advice would most likely benefit from the service. This usually means that wealthier families might benefit more from pre-paid legal advice than poorer families and would not feel the cost as much.

What types of services does prepaid legal offer?

Prepaid legal offers legal insurance. There are various amounts you can pay for prepaid legal services. It all depends on how much you plan on calling your prepaid lawyer. In most instances you are better of not getting prepaid legal unless you plan on using it ALOT.

Where can someone go to find a pre paid lawyer?

Prepaid legal advice can be had for approximately $26.00 a month. This is a fairly new service and there are many different firms available online. They can help with small and large legal problems.

What states offer prepaid legal services?

Prepaid legal services (which act much like medical insurance), have been becoming more popular as of late in the United States. As such, prepaid legal services are available in all states.

What is a legal employee selection process?

A legal employee selection process is

What are some companies that offer prepaid legal help?

It seems to me that you should be careful about which company you use since there is a history of scams in the business. There is one, called Pre-paid legal Services, Inc. that you could try.

Learn More About Prepaid Legal Services?

You never know when you may need legal help, and hiring an attorney is expensive. Hourly rates can be as much as $500 an hour. This makes contacting an attorney out of the question for most people's budgets. Prepaid legal services offers you basic legal services within a network of attorneys. You pay a small monthly fee to a prepaid legal service and you have access to attorneys when you need one. This type of insurance can save you hundreds of dollars in future attorney fees. In many states throughout the country, prepaid legal services are regulated like any other type of insurance. Some prepaid legal service providers offer you a choice of attorneys located within a network. These are called closed network prepaid legal services. Other providers offer an open network of prepaid legal services that allow you to choose any attorney. To find a prepaid legal service provider in your area, you can search the Internet. Make sure you understand the type of legal services the prepaid legal service provider offers in your area. Most providers offer basic legal services such as civil claims court representation, drafting legal letters and other basic types of legal service. If you anticipate you need more than basic legal services, talk with the legal service provider to understand what is available. Prepaid legal services are a great idea because, like any other type of insurance, you cannot anticipate what might happen in your future. An experienced attorney can advice you in legal matters that can save you money. If you are a business owner, obtaining prepaid legal services can help you make business decisions that can affect your business. The convenience of having access to legal advice can give you peace of mind, and the confidence of knowing that you have legal counsel available in your defense. Prepaid legal service providers offer small monthly payment plans. Be sure you understand their services before signing a contract. Not all prepaid legal service providers offer the exact same type of service. Research the prepaid legal service providers in your area, and contact several companies before choosing a provider.

How does prepaid legal work?

from what i have read online prepaid legal appears to be somewhat like an insurance plan. assuming, you pay monthly installments for legal services you may need in the present or future.

Is a Prepaid Legal membership a bad thing?

NO it isn't

Should I use prepaid legal services?

Do you have prepaid legal services already? If not, it may be cheaper to go with a regular attorney who can do just what you need them to do. You can get a free consultation with an attorney.