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Bushmaster manufacturers the ACR rifle. It is an adaptive combat rifle. Remington manufacturers an ACR for military use. It is part of their Adaptive Combat System.

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Q: What companies manufacture ACR type rifles?
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How many types of ACR assault rifles are there?

What do you mean by ACR? Bushmaster ACR- Many, an ACR (formerly Masada) can be configured in many barrel lengths and stock options. ACR as in 1990's rifle program- Almost every main country had a new advanced rifle concept to replace their current rifles.

What is the best assault rifle and attachments for it in MW3?

There are ten assault rifles in MW3. These are the M4A1, M16A4, Scar-L, CM901, TYPE 95, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, AK-47 and the FAD

How long is a bushmaster 223 rifle?

You need to specify an exact model . Bushmaster makes and has made a variety of rifles in this caliber - not just AR-pattern rifles, but also the ACR, M17S, and others. The length varies by model.

How do you unlock the acr in mw2?

get to level 48 and you unlock the ACR

Which gun is stronger SCAR or ACR?

The SCAR is stronger than the ACR.

What does ACR gun stand for?

ACR means Adaptive Combat Rifle.

What rifles shoot 5.56 mm and 7.62?

The newest adaptive rifles, such as the Remington ACR and Cz. 803, can fire both 5.56x45 and 7.62x39 with a quick barrel change and bolt face change. The Cz. 803 goes one step further, and even has a modular magazine well.

How do you get any acr title on MW2?

Unlock all the weapon attachments for the ACR. Or, if you are prestiged, get at least 500 kills or 250 headshots with the ACR.

What does the medical abbreviation ACR mean?

ACR is an abbreviation for the American College of Radiography.

Which is better a Remington ACR or an FN SCAR H?

The ACR (which is now manufactured Bushmaster for the civil market and only by Remington for law enforcement and military sales) has a higher rate of fire and a higher muzzle velocity than the FNH-SCAR. In addition, the ACR has a larger standard magazine size (30 rounds, compared to the SCAR's 20). It is also slightly lighter than the SCAR. I would lean toward the ACR, but both assault rifles are very competent weapons.Note: I used the standard models of both weapons for comparison, I did not take into account any of the variant specifics.

How do you unlock acr gun emblem on cod mw2?

Achieve the ACR Mastery Challenge.

Can you put a grenadr on a acr?

You can attach a grenade launcher to an ACR.... if they ever enter production.