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You can now purchase devices that can play both MP3 and MP4 files. These are produced by companies such as Apple, Phillips and Sony. Just ask in your local electrical shop for more details.

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There are a wide variety of companies that make portable MP3 players. Apple, Altec Lansing, iRiver, Samsung, SanDisk, and Sharper Image, for example, each make this item.

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Q: What companies make portable mp3 players?
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does sony portable radios play mp3 CDs ?

No, Sony portable radio players don't have CD players built in them and cannot play CDs. Sony does make CD radio players, but they are not marketed as portable.

What is the best portable CD player to use to connect to an MP3 player?

You cannot connect portable cd players to mp3 players and given the capacity to hold songs on mp3 players their should be no reason to do so.

Where can I get portable speakers for my mp3 player?

Amazon can provide you many choices in which brand to purchase when it comes to portable speakers for mp3 players. The best portable speaker you can purchase is the iLuv iSP100BLK Mini Portable Speaker for MP3 Players. It comes in different colors.

Does it make more sense these days to buy a portable CD player, or an MP3 player?

No, buy a Mp3 player, Cd Players are obsolete.

Are portable CD players as reliable as mp3 players?

A portable CD player would be as reliable as a MP3 player but it is harder to carry around because you have to carry the CD's too. A MP3 player would be much more convienent.

Do the mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player?

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

What is the price range of MP3 players at BestBuy?

Prices for portable MP3 players at Best Buy start from $16.99 for a 4GB bean shaped LED display device. The most expensive MP3 player is a Sony Walkman 32GB Flash Portable Media Player for $298.

How have portable audio cd players evolved over the generations?

Portable audio CD players have evolved in many ways. In fact, they evolved from bulky cassette players to walkmans (portable CD players) to what is most common now, Mp3 players that do not require a CD.

Do they make portable CD players that switch dicks?

I don't think any CD players play dicks. If you are talking disc, no they do not. You'd be better off with an MP3 player.

What are some companies that make a touch screen mp3 player?

The most popular touch screen mp3 player is the iPod touch, made by Apple. Some other companies that make touch screen mp3 players include Microsoft, Phillips, VideGo, and Coby.

What would be the price range for a portable CD player?

Actually portable CD players get very cheap due to the availability of MP3 players. Some current price examples in EUR are: 19,90 EUR for a simple one without MP3 capabilities and 59 EUR for a model with MP3 functionality.

What does the company COWON offer to consumers?

COWON is a company that offer consumer electronic products and software to customers. They make MP3 players, portable media players, cameras and audio software.