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The horizontal distance from the origin is first, then the vertical.

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Q: What comes first in grid reference vertical or horizontal?
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Do you read horizontal lines on a map first or vertical when divided into squares?

Vertical first.

What does one vertical and one horizontal stripe mean on a pregnancy test?

If the vertical and horizontal stripes are in the same window, then CONGRATS! if its a horizontal stripe in the first window and the vertical stripe in the control window, then you are not pregnant.

What comes 1st and what comes 2nd on the items that you put on the coordinate plane?

Item on coordinate plane are expressed (x, y),where the number for x is the horizontal coordinateand the number for y is the vertical coordinate

When naming a pair of coordinates which?

First: horizontal: Abscissa Second: vertical: ordinate.

What does it mean when first line is vertical and second line is horizontal?

Those are parralel lines.

Which sociologist first made the distinction between vertical and horizontal mobility?

Pitirim Sorokin

Calculate resultant velocity?

To calculate resultant velocity, you would need to determine the magnitude and direction of the individual velocities that are involved. Then, you can use vector addition to find the resultant velocity by adding the velocities together considering both magnitude and direction.

If the x axis is vertical and the y axis is horizontal which one is referred to first?

x axis. I'm not sure why but i remember because x comes before y in the alphabet. that's what my math teacher taught me.

The vertical axis in a coordinate?

Horizontal and vertical axes are alphabetical, (x,y), abscissa and ordinate, first and second, and so forth. The only place I see it not alphabetical is independent and dependent.

How to adjust headlights on 2001 Mercury Sable?

To properly adjust the headlights 1. You must first park the vehicle on a level surface 25 feet from a vertical wall or screen directly in front of it. 2. Measure the height of the headlamp bulb center from the ground and mark a 2.5 meter (8 foot) horizontal reference line on the vertical wall or screen at this height (a piece of masking tape works well). 3. Turn on the low beam headlamps to illuminate the wall or screen and open the hood. 4. On the wall or screen you will observe an area of high intensity light. The top of the high intensity area should touch the horizontal reference line, if not, the beam will need to be adjusted. 5. Locate the vertical adjuster on each headlamp. The vertical adjuster is located on the rear of the headlamp between the two retainer pins. Using a 4 mm wrench, turn the adjuster either clockwise (to adjust down) or counterclockwise (to adjust up). The horizontal edge of the brighter light should touch the horizontal reference line. 6. HORIZONTAL AIM IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS VEHICLE AND IS NON-ADJUSTABLE. 7. Close the hood and turn off the lamps.

How do you read Cartesian coordinates?

well, first, u have to read off the axis on the horizontal line,then u read off the vertical axis.

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this question made me think, the first I could think of was that it was for camouflage reasons. Their vertical stripes help them hide in tall grasses. If the stripes were to be horizontal it would be easy for the prey to spot the tiger out of the crowd. Therefore giving the tiger's prey a little more time to be aware.