What color were the slaves?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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This depends entirely on the slaveholding society. Historically, the largest numbers of slaves have been African (Black) slaves, especially in the Americas, but there have been numerous White Slaves, East Asian Slaves, Indian Slaves, and Native American Slaves in different places and at different times.

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Q: What color were the slaves?
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How do slaves become slaves around the world?

Slaves become what they are do to color, religion, or money problems.

What color are the people in Nevis?

They are the descendants of African slaves.

Where were the slaves imported from?

In America, slaves were imported from Africa, hence why people of color are called African Americans today.

Why where there only black slaves?

No one liked them because of there skin color.

What are slave called?

Slaves. If you are reffering to their race/skin color of northern american slaves in the 1800's then they are called 'African Americans'

What did Harriet Tubman tell the slaves who were having second thoughts?

Harriet told the slaves that you cant tell a mans life by his skin color but his heart.

What year did slaves get the wright to vote?

Slaves were never allowed to vote. Male African-Americans or persons of color were given the right to vote in 1870.

What color cotton did slaves grow?

cotton was usually white or pink back in those times

What kind of secret codes did slaves use?

in the underground railroad people who were not slaves would hang a certain clothing item of a certain color on their clolthes line. Then slaves would know to go into that house and people would hide them.

Why cant you keep black people as slaves?

Because, some years ago, a majority of people decided that keeping slaves - of any color - was an immoral and distasteful idea. So we stopped doing it, declared that it was illegal, and freed all slaves.

Should the US have slaves?

No. Slavery is wrong and nobody should be a slave its mean. No matter what color your skin is.

What does Jefferson perceive to be the most powerful obstacle to the emancipation of American slaves?

Jefferson thought that the difference in color was the most powerful obstacle to the emancipation of American slaves. Though he was against slavery, he felt that slaves were emancipated that they would have a hard time integrating into the society.