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I don't believe they have a specific color.

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Q: What color represents trade unionists?
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Did Hitler kill trade unionists?


What has the author Ted Ainley written?

Ted Ainley has written: 'Economics for trade unionists'

What color represents laughter?

The color that represents laughter is the color yellow. The color red represents love and the color black typically represents death.

What are 2 groups that the Nazis targeted for persecution?

Two groups were: trade unionists and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Which groups did nazi ideology consider to be beneath them?

thinkers, communists, trade unionists, Roman Catholics.

What is the significance of the symbols on the Irish flag?

The green represents the nationalists of Ireland The orange(gold) represents the unionists of Ireland who want to be in the UK The white signifies peace between the sides

What color represents to be organised?

the color that represents to be organised is white

What color represents knowledge?

The Orange Color represents the knowledge.

What color represents democrats?

Pink. That's the color that represents their party.

When was Socialist Unionists created?

Socialist Unionists was created in 1961.

When was Young Unionists created?

Young Unionists was created in 2004.

Who did Hitler but in concentration camps?

Jews <><><> Also political prisoners, homosexuals, trade unionists, gypsies, and members of other religious organizations.