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The Jehovah"s Witnesses. They also object to Blood Transfusions. Maybe they won"t drive trucks that have Cross-Feed valves, also!

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2011-05-27 15:00:19
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Q: What christian denomination does not celebrate Christmas or Easter?
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What festivals do the Church of England celebrate?

They celebrate christian festivals, such as Christmas, Easter etc.

What do Baptists celebrate?

just what any other christian would celebrate. EASTER, Christmas, etc.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas or Easter?

Muslims do not celebrate Christmas or Easter.

What holidays do baptists celebrate?

just what any other christian would celebrate. EASTER, CHRISTMAS, etc.

Do the Cornish celebrate Easter?

Those who are Christian do celebrate Easter.

Why does a gentile not celebrate Easter?

If a gentile does not celebrate Easter, it must be because he/she does not believe in Easter. Likely they are not Christian or belong to a Christian sect that does not celebrate Easter. All Christians are gentiles, and most Christians celebrate Easter.

Why do Pentecostals celebrate Easter?

For the same reason as the rest of Christianity does: Easter commemorates the Resurrection. And as Paul says "if Christ is not Resurrected you are still in your sins", or in other words if the Resurrection did not happen there is noChristianity! This makes Easter the single most important Christian religious holiday.Any sect or denomination claiming to be Christian that doesn't celebrate Easter therefore cannot be Christian!

Do Malaysian people celebrate Easter?

Christians in Malaysia celebrate Easter. People in Malaysia who are not Christian do not celebrate Easter.

Do only catholics celebrate Easter?

No. Al Christian denominations celebrate Easter.

Does the religion Hinduism celebrate Easter?

Hindus are not Christian, so they do not celebrate Easter.

Do they celebrate Easter in Oman?

NO. Easter is a Christian holiday and almost all Omanis are Muslims.

How are Christmas and Easter alike?

Both Easter and Christmas celebrate Jesus Christ's life. Christmas is a celebration of His birth and Easter is a celebration of His resurrection.

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