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Celebrities born on April 26 include :
Melania Trump (First Lady) - born 1970
Channing Tatum (actor) - born 1980
Jordana Brewster (actress) - born 1980
Stana Katic (actress) - born 1978
Tom Welling (actor) - born 1977
Kane (wrestler Glenn Jacobs) - born 1967
Kevin James (actor) - born 1965
Jet Li (Martial Arts actor) - born 1963
Bobby Rydell (pop singer) - born 1942
Duane Eddy (pop singer) - born 1938
Carol Burnett (actress) - born 1933
I. M. Pei (architect) - born 1917

Historically, it was the birthday of:
John James Audubon, naturalist (1785-1851)
Ma Rainey, singer (1886-1939)
A. E. van Vogt, SF author (1912-2000)

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Q: What celebrities were born on April 26?
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