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1.kesha march 1

2.Justin Bieber march 1

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Q: What celeb has the same birthday as you?
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What celeb do you share your birthday with?

Justin Bieber and I have the same b-day (: Haha

What is Carrie underwoods Brith-day?

it is so easy it is the same as mine March 10th how lucky am i to share a birthday with a celeb

What celeb has their birthday on 31st July?

JK Rowling.

Which Celeb's have a birthday on 31st of March?

Justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which celeb's birthday is Feb 6?

AllIson randolph

What celeb birthday is on February 24?

Eddie Murfey

If your birthday is 19th of march which celeb shares your birthday?

yo the actor is your mom hahhah

What celeb. birthday is on December 11?

Shelby Lynn Jones

Will Demi Lovato go to your birthday?

only if you are a best friend nd a celeb

Is there a celeb that has the birthday of march 26?

Keira Knightly (actress) Diana Ross (singer)

What celeb birthday is on may 26?

John Wayne, Lauren Hill, Sugar Ray Leonard

What does celeb stand for?

"Celeb" is the abbreviation of celebrity.