What causes irregular or late periods?

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Very extrenous excersice or training could be a factor along with drug side effects. Wheter or not this might be the case, medical advise should be seeked when sudden late periods occur.

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Q: What causes irregular or late periods?
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What are reasons for your period to be late?

You periods can be irregular

What causes on and off again periods?

Irregular menses can have multiple causes. You should check things out with your doctor.

Why do you get periods every 3 months?

If you have recently started your periods, or are in the first year or so since it started then your periods may be irregular or late. They should fall into step.

Can you be pregnant if you were late 3 days then start bleeding light pink then red bleeding?

Answer Late periods can be caused by irregular periods, stress, age , diet etc so don't worry I came on 1 day late this month. Kat

If you have irritable bowel syndrome and it causes irregular periods can you still get pregnant?

Yes you can, as long as you are in the fertile phase of your cycle.

You are ten and my period is 3 weeks late help?

Periods can be and often are very irregular in young girls up to 3 years after their first period. After these 3 years, if periods are still extremely irregular, a girl should see her doctor.

What if your period is late for two weeks?

it is probably because teenagers usually have different schedules and periods can be irregular at young ages.

What do i do if I'm 6 days late for my period?

get a HPT or you could be stressed. sometime my period comes late when i am stressed!! but then again my periods are irregular never the same time!!

Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

How late can periods be?

how late can be periods

Can you predict irregular periods?

No, that's why they are called irregular. O.O

Can you get cancer from irregular periods?

u can't get cancer from irregular periods but irregular periods can be a sign u hav cancer (in the rarest cases). it doesn't matter if u hav regular or irregular periods unless u aren't prepared wen u actually hav it.

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