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If there is a bulge near the belly button (and not the stomach which is slightly higher) then I would say it is a hernia, and you can Google umbilical hernia to check what it says. A lot of babies have this and it usually clears up. Sometimes a small procedure is necessary. Check with your doctor. This is where your duodenum is (a small tube going from the stomach)to your gut. It could be in spasm. If you drink (even moderately) or drink lots of coffee, tea, pop or spicy foods then stop for awhile and rest your stomach. Yogurt is a good thing to eat to soothe the stomach and duodenum. Your body is telling you something. If it doesn't go away in a week please see your doctor. There is nothing to fear and all you will get is some chalky substance to drink and an x-ray taken (as you are leaning against a slab that moves backwards and sideways so the x-ray can pick-up ulcers, etc.

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Q: What causes a knot in the stomach around the belly button?
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