What causes a CD to skip?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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a scratch or some dust or a copped disk

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Q: What causes a CD to skip?
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Which portable CD player has the best anti-skip feature?

Any name brand cd player such as sony, awia, or rca will have good anti skip features.

What portable CD player has the best anti-skip?

The Pioneer series of CD players have 45-second skip protection, which should be good enough for light jogging.

What effects do scratches have on a CD-ROM?

They can make it skip or not play.

What Car CD Changer has the best anti-skip?

Pioneer Electronics CDX-FM687 is very skip resistant.

What causes your car to skip sometimes then not skip?

Could be bad spark plug wires.

What causes a DVD to skip?

Scratches on the disc

Does AWIA make good cd players?

AWIA generally does not make good CD players, frequently causing the CDs to skip.

What you dislikes and likes about CDs?

There are many positives and negatives to compact discs. The positives are that you can take your music with you whereever you go as long as there is a CD player available. The negatives are that they discs scratch easily and causes the music to skip.

What causes CD players to fail to eject CD?

Dirty CD, CD have many decorations (such as stickers, etc...)

Is there a certain type of CD player that will not skip excessively when jogging?

Yes the Sony DNS505 S2 Portable Sports CD Player is great for that.

Is a sony portable cd player less likely to skip than one that is made by toshiba?

You have to get a cd player with anti-skip protection to avoid skipping.Both Sony and Toshiba make models with and without it.These are usually made for joggers.

What causes sand-sized particles to skip and bounce?