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The baby's weight against her bladder

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2009-04-27 04:56:21
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Q: What cause a woman to pee a lot when the pregnant?
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Why do you pee a lot are you pregnant?

wel normally if u pee alot u are pregnant

If you pee a lot does it mean that you are pregnant?


Can a pregnant woman pee in police hat?


Is the man supposed to pee in a woman for her to get pregnant?


When you pee a lot does that mean i'm pregnant?


What does it mean when you have to go pee a lot?

You may pee a lot because you are drinking more fluids, have a bladder issue, or you are focusing on the amount of times you have to go pee. Women tend to pee more when they are pregnant. However, just because someone has to pee a lot does not mean that they are pregnant.

Can you pee a lot and only be 2 or 3 weeks pregnant?

Yes I think so cuz I myself pee a lot. Yes I think so cuz I myself pee a lot.

Does clear pee mean you are pregnant?

NO, it just means you are drinking a lot and watering it down. You may be pregnant but clear pee is not a sign.

Do you pee a lot during the first week your pregnant?


If you pee a lot are you pregnant?

No, you could be Diabetic, or taking a medication that is causing you 'pee a lot'. You know what I always say, "See a Doctor".

Do girls pee a lot before there periods?

Pregnant girls pee a lot.

How many bathroom visits should an eight week pregnant woman have?

The number of time a pregnant woman visits bathroom to pee precisely vary from one woman to another, but you will be sure that you have the tendency of urinating more frequently when you are pregnant and some times the pee may be very small yet it will exert pressure on your bladder and cause you to have the urge to urinate. Therefore there is no actual number of times you can visit bathroom once pregnant.

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