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Winchester made a 45 ACP "Non-toxic" round for indoor ranges that indeed uses a small pistol primer. It is not diserable brass for reloading.

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Q: What cartridge with a small pistol primer would be marked WIN NT 45 AUTO?
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What is the 380 primer size?

Small pistol small pistol primer

does a 9mm use a large pistol primer or a small pistol primer?

Small - regular - not the magnum

How does the gun powder ignite by getting pushed in?

It doesn't. Gunpowder is ignited by the primer. The primer contains a tiny spot of sensitive explosive that detonates when crushed by the firing pin. The heat from that explosion ignites the gunpowder.It does not. In a firearm cartridge, the firing pin crushes the primer of the cartridge. This contains a very small amount of impact sensitive explosive. It explodes, and sends a small jet of flame through the flash hole of the cartridge into the gunpowder, igniting it.

What primer should you use for a 357 Mag?

Follow the recommendation in the reloading manual you are using. Differnt powders might call for small pistol or small pistol magnum.

What is the primer sensitivity of small pistol primers and regular 9mm primers?

9mm Parabellum cartridges (9mm Luger) HAVE small pistol primers. For some applications such as submachine guns with a free floating firing pin, a harder primer may be used. However, in most applications, the same primer used in .38 Special would also be used in a 9mm.

Can you use a magnum primers on a small pistol primer load?

Never change out a component when reloading unless it is published.

What are the different types of primer in a ammunition?

small pistol large pistol magnum pistol small rifle large rifle magnum rifle .50 BMG These are the primers used in all pistol and rifle ammo that is commercially available. Larger, artillery type, ammunition uses much different primers, obviously.

What is a birdshot?

A birdshot is a small lead shot, or ammunition, used in shotgun shells, or a rifle or pistol cartridge containing small shot instead of a single projectile.

How do you get primers in Fallout New Vegas for PS3?

I assume you mean the ammo components, i.e. Primer, Small Pistol; Primer, Shotgun. You can get these either from disassembling ammo of the same category (Sm. Pistol, Lg. Pistol, Sm. Rifle, Lg. Rifle, Shotgun, or .50 MG) or you can buy them from various vendors. The Gun Runners have it almost all the time.

How do you remove a misfire from a semi auto pistol barrel?

A misfire is a cartridge that fails to fire- at all. Operating the action of the pistol by hand will normally extract the misfired cartridge. However, if you are using misfire to mean a "squib" load, that is different. A squib happens when the primer fires, but ignites none or only a small amount of the powder- and the bullet is pushed out into the barrel- and stops there. THAT needs to go to a gunsmith, who will use non-damaging tools to push the bullet back down the barrel and out. Do NOT attempt to shoot a stuck bullet out of the barrel- will not end well.

What is a small rifle primer?

Exactly what is says, a primer made for small rifle ammunition.

Are small rifle primers ok for use when loading 45 auto?

No. They are the wrong diameter, 45 you need large pistol/large rifle sized primer diameter. Also rifle primers are thicker and require a heavier primer strike that some pistols can not deliver. My Springfield XDM only intermittently can set off a small rifle primer when used to load 9mm.