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To participate in Chase rewards you need a Chase credit card. You can go to any Chase Bank and apply or go online and apply there. I think its a Visa card

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Q: What card do you need to participate in Chase rewards?
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Do you get a card when you sign up with Chase Rewards?

Yes, you do need a chase card to apply for Chase Rewards. This can be applied for on the internet, or by phoning the Chase hotline. Chase Rewards is a new scheme set up by the company Chase and to do so you do require a card to gain points on purchase.

How do you get a speedy rewards replacement card?

need a new replacement card

How do you get a new Chase debit card?

You will need to contact Chase, either by phone or online, and inform them that you need a new card.

Visa Rewards Card?

form_title= Visa Rewards Card form_header= Surprise your employees with Visa rewards cards. How many cards do you need? Do you want the cards to be reload able? What amount do you want on the cards?

Does it cost anything to get a chase card?

It depends what kind of Chase card you are talking about. Is it a credit card? Or the promotional fake credit cards you receive in the mail? If it is the former, I believe you do need a bank account at Chase or some type of credential to acquire a Chase (or any) credit card.

What can you do to make a Capital One rewards account?

Capital One Rewards is a credit card issued by Capital One. If you aren't a member, you will need to apply for the card in order to benefit from the rewards the card offers its members. This can be done via the Capital One application page, over the phone or via the mail.

What features of a credit card do you need to research when considering a credit card?

The interest rate. Consider the rewards offered. Looks at the penalties.

What are the benefits of having a Chase One Card?

The benefits of having a Chase One Card is that there are many banks of that one all over the place for whenever you need money. The card may even save you some money.

What are some of the features of a Chase Online Credit Card?

Some features of a Chase Online Credit Card is that you would not need to go directly to the bank for a deposit. The credit card also can compare credits from you other cards together.

What Is The Chase Bank Login And can I Do A Transaction From My Computer?

The Chase Bank Login is the username and password one creates upon registering on the Chase website. One could perform a transaction on the Chase site.

What is the best airline credit card for business travel?

Travelling for business, I would say that SPG American express (if your business is paying for the annual fee) or aeroplan (again hopefully they are paying for the annual fee). I think you get the highest reward return compared to the others.

Where do you signup for Roundys gas card?

You can get your Roundy's Rewards Card at any Rainbow Foods, Pick 'n Save, Copps or Metro Market store's customer service desk. If that store participates in the FuelRewards/FuelPerks program, you will just need that Rewards Card to sign up online at