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you touch your shoes to take them off for respect and put them aside on the shoe rack!

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Q: What can you touch in a mandir?
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What is the mandir in London called?

a mandir

What happens at a mandir?

They Pray at a mandir (temple).

What happenes at mandir?

They Pray at a mandir (temple).

What are facts about a Hindu mandir?

temple is that place where there is not any distinction of cast color and creedthe mandir is a holy place of Hindu worship. DO NOT wear shoes in the mandir, DO NOT eat meat in the mandir. Preform Puja and Arti in the mandir.

What is an mandir?

a mandir is another word for an Hindu temple

Who lives at the mandir?

Kali ghat mandir koakata

Who worships in a mandir?

Hindus worship in a Mandir.

Akshardham mandir delhi?

timing of aksardham mandir delhi

When was Sharada Mandir created?

Sharada Mandir was created in 1966.

How tall is Marin Mandir?

Marin Mandir is 6' 1".

Who works in a mandir?

A priest or sage will probably work in a mandir

When was Man Mandir created?

Man Mandir was created in 1971.