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You pretty much have it all.

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Q: What can you tell me about a 20 gauge Rossi made in Brazil.serial 546863 Firearms Int'l Washington DC?
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Who makes rossi firearms?

Rossi. They are owned by Taurus

What steel is used in the manufacture of Rossi firearms?

You will have to contact Rossi to find the exact alloy.

What sort of weapons does Rossi Firearms sell?

Rossi Firearms sells all sorts of guns like handguns, shotguns, rifles and many more. One can purchase these guns from their official website which is Rossi USA.

Where are rossie firearms made?

Spelled Rossi. Brazil.

What is the value of a rossi 22 caliber double barrel pistol with double hammer from the international firearms corporation in Washington dc?

10-100 USD or so

Where can you find information on a rossi cal 22 make in Brazil and distributed by firearms international corp Washington dc it is a double barrel and has the number 766?

Try to find the contact information for BrazTech. I have a Rossi .223/20ga. shotgun and that is who I had to contact to get info

What model is a blued Rossi 38 special with a 6 barrel from firearms international?

Should be marked on the barrel

What is the value of model 62 SAC by Rossi Firearms?

$150-$220, depending on type of metal and condition.

What is the value of 32 long handgun made in Brazil by rossi firearms?

About $130 for one in excellent condition.

Will a new rossi gun misfire?

ANY firearm CAN misfire, for a variety of reasons. The quality of Rossi firearms has improved greatly over the past 30 years, and I am unaware of any specific problems with modern day Rossi products.

Model 92 Rossi made in Brazil?

Yes, Amadeo Rossi is a Brazilian firearms manufacturer that have been selling a good quality copy of the Winchester 92 for many years.

What is the aprox value of a derringer style Rossi 22 side by side pistol It was made by Firearms Int'l in Brazil?

That firearm was made in Brazil by Rossi and imported into the US by Firearms Int'l. Importation ceased in 1968 with passage of Firearms law restricting importation of many inexpensive, small handgun. Current value is less than $100 RETAIL, probably closer to $75.

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