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the missionary possion is one of the best postions for getting pregnant as he can get deeper inside you therefore the semen can get further into your womb makingnit easier to furtilise your egg It is a matter of timing more than position. You should make love just before you ovulate. Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to tell when you are goint to be ovulating---the cervical mucus is more abundant, clear, and stringy. Non-fertile day mucus is scanty, cloudy, and tacky. You can tell the difference on toilet paper if you pay attention. You get fertile mucus for a few days before you ovulate, to assist sperm in getting past the cervix and into the womb. If you avoid making love during the fertile mucus times and for three days afterwards, you will not get pregnant. You can have fertile mucus more than once in your cycle. See for more information on fertile mucus and natural family planning. i think the best way to get pregnant is to not use a condem and no birth pill postition doesnt matter

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Q: What can you do to try and get pregnant such as positions or eating certain things?
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What are some of the first sign of pregnancy?

Ignorance can be one,stop eating certain things

You have been eating a lot and im sick is it just part of the cold or?

Been sick and eating a lot can be cause by a few things. You can either be pregnant or you can be bored.

What are the superstitious beliefs about family planning?

Superstitious beliefs about family planning include eating certain things to get a specific sex of baby and not telling anyone about a pregnancy in the first trimester. Some people may also think they are unable to get pregnant during certain times of the month or year.

Could one be pregnant if before eating one feels nauseated and then after eating one feels nauseated?

While this COULD be ONE symptom of pregnancy, there are a lot of other things that can cause it as well.

You were 8 days late for your period had it and now your always tired and certain smells make you nauseous could you be pregnant?

The morning nausea and this due to the smell are two different things, you may not be pregnant.

What type of spicy food can I eat while I am pregnant?

Most pregnant women stop eating spicy foods and other things, like meat, because it upsets their stomach. If the spices do not affect you, then you may eat them.

Is paper eating is safe in pregnancy?

This is call pica and is often a manifestation in younger pregnant women. There are things your OBGYN can do to help you control this. It is probably not a good Idea to eat paper while you are pregnant because If you eat it than the baby eats it and it is probably not a good idea for a baby to be eating paper!

Your period passed the due date you still have cramps could you be pregnant?

Most likely your period is simply late in arriving, but go ahead and take a pregnancy test if you want to be certain. It's normal to have a period come later than expected. Menstruation can be affected by various things: stress (especially over whether you're pregnant), exercise, eating habits.

Does eating guava delay period?

No, eating guava does not delay your period. Menstruation is determined by your menstrual cycle, eating certain things cannot delay your menstrual cycle. The only way to delay your period is with hormonal medications or hormonal birth control.

If your pregnant can you lift heavy things?

NO, you should not lift heavy things while pregnant.

What do pregnant woman eat before birth?

Anything. Except what your allergic to, obviously, or things with alcohol or drugs mixed in. If your diabetic just stick with what you were eating before.

Why is your dog being sick in morning before eating?

If the dog is female she could be pregnant. But I would take them to the vet anyway it could be worms or a number of things.

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