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Forcing a 15 year old who has been driven away from home will likely make them want to run away again. The best thing you can do for them is wait for them to come home on their own time, and in the meantime, figure out what made them want to run away.

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Q: What can you do if your 15 year old refuses to come home?
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What to do when your 17 year old refuses to come home because of the father?

I think that whatever the reason is you need to help fix. If he does not want to go home don't make him. That is all you can do until you know the problem.

I dont have custody of my 16yr old she wants to come home to me what can I do without much money if she shows up at my home will the law make her return if she refuses to go.?

if you don't then the foster home will come and get the baby.

What if your 17 year old refuses to come home?

If a 17-year-old refuses to come home, it's important to first try to understand the reasons behind their actions. Open communication and seeking professional help, such as counseling, can be beneficial in addressing underlying issues. It may also be necessary to involve authorities or child protective services to ensure the teen's safety and well-being.

Legal responsibilities for parents of pregnant teen 16 year old daughter is pregnant and refuses to come home or go to school am i responsible?

Unless 16 is the legal age where you are, you are responsible for her unless she gets emancipated.

Can a parent make their 17 year old come home at 10 00pm?

A parent can try to make their 17 year old come home at 10:00pm but the child can chose to do whatever they want.

What can a parent do in the state of Tennessee if a 22 year old boy is trying to date their 16 year old daughter and he has been told to leave her alone but refuses?

File for a restraining order is one possibility. And keeping her at home is another option.

Your 16 year old refuses to live at your home myself the mother and the father are married living in same household but 16 year old child took off because he doesnt like household rules and the people?

Is your child of a selfish nature?

Can a parent make their 17 year old move out and live with the other parent or relative even if they 17 year old refuses?

Yes they can.

If you are 17 year old male and you move in with your 16 year old fiances parents home can your parents make you come back home in NY?

Of course they can make you come back. Getting a girl pregnant does not give you the right to leave home against your parents wishes.

What actions will be taken by the state of if a 17 year old refuses to return home?

Depends on the state. You can be reported as a runaway and the police will bring you back. Anyone who have helped you can be charged with aiding a runaway.

What is the law for 16 year old that will not come home?

In most places, the law requires that parents or guardians are responsible for the care and supervision of a 16-year-old. If a 16-year-old does not come home, the parents or guardians should contact the authorities to report them as missing. Parents can also seek assistance from law enforcement in locating and ensuring the safety of their child.

Can you legally tell your 17 year old that she needs to come home if you are her legal guardian?

Of course you can.