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Try to make him know that you are not a guy but a girl :)

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2012-05-19 04:11:23
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Q: What can you do if you like this boy who treats you like his guy friend?
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What if a guy you like just treats you like a friend how do you get him to like you?

Be yourself and if he doesn't like you he's not worth it.

My best friend is a guy and sometimes i think he forgets that I'm a girl he treats me like one of the boys which i love but sometimes i just wish he would see me as the girl i am i do also like him?

If you're best friend is a guy and he treats you like a boy when forgetting that you're a girl, you should tell him that you like the way he treats you but that you're a girl. Tip: Slowly somehow make it so that he understands it like from day to day until he stops.

What does it mean when a guy treats a girl like a buddy?

well if your hoping for romance from this guy and he treats you like a friend, it probably means he just wants to be friends. If your interested in this friend ask him what he thinks about you, then slowly tell him that you think you like him more than a friend. But, warning it might scare him off a little, so think about it.

How do you get a boy to stop liking a friend?

ask that friend if they like that guy or not. if they dont then have them go up to the guy and tell them that,m but carefully.

What song to play for a best guy friend that you like?

home boy by Jojo

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend but she treats him really bad She calls him names and tells him to fudge off?

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend who treats him, calls him names, and tells him to fudge off, the best thing to do is be his friend. You can also remind him that he deserves to be treated better.

You like this boy who your best friend used to go out with how do you go out with him when the best friend says she had him first?

If you like the boy you can no one can tell you who you can like and cannot like its up to you but see what you like about him and have in common with the guy.

How do you know if he is a good guy or not?

The way he treats you like if he treats you with respect or not.

If your friend likes someone and that boy likes you what do you do?

the you start to flurt with that guy so that your friend will see that he likes you and you like him!

When a boy come up to you that is friend with the guy you like what does that means?

he is totally gonna ask you out

If you like a boy but they like your friend what should you do?

Find a guy who likes you too. Don't mess with someone who likes your friend if you don't want to lose a friend.

Would a boy think you like him if you say he would be a good boy friend?

If you said that to the guy he would probably suspect.

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