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Many things can have an effect on your period being delayed

The following are some of the things (apart from being pregnant, of course) that can have an effect on your period being delayed: mental/physical stress; weight loss/gain; your contraception; infections; and invisible bleeding (which leads you to believe that you have have missed your period).

If your period is late after having had unprotected sex, I recommend taking a home-pregnancy test; you can buy them now to test up to 6 days before you are due. If, however, you have not had unprotected sex, you should see your GP; it's probably nothing to worry about, and around 85% of people have experienced a late period at least once in their life. To be on the safe side, and to put your mind at ease, visit your doctor.

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pregnancy. condoms aren't 100% effective.

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Q: What can cause a missed period?
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