What can air rifles kill?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Is all depends on the model and the size of the pellet. Most air rifles are used for rodent control. BB guns & rifles are designed for plinking and target practice. Pellet rifles are a better choice for rodent control. However, Pellet rifles are made in different calibers. Starting with .177 (the most common) .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 Cal and 50 Caliber. The last 4 sizes usually fall into the PCP (Per Charged Pneumatic) air rifles that require 3000 psi to fire them and are capable of bringing down a bear or deer. These rifles start around $500 and up. Olympic "Match" air rifles usually cost around $3000 to $5000.

A .177 caliber rifle can kill birds, squirrels and rodents. When using them for rodent control I suggest "Hollowpoint" pellets. They deform on impact and make a clean kill.

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YES it can it can kill a deer with a 177.pellet and other stuff just not like bears and stuff with a lot of fat

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Q: What can air rifles kill?
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What do Jem and Scout get for a Christmas in To Kill a Mockingbird?

An air rifle.a gun

Can a 800 fps air gun kill a small hog?

Not likely. Air guns are not as accurate as air rifles

What warning does Atticus give them concerning their air rifles?

never to kill mockingbirds

Can air rifles kill people?

If the psi is turned up too high, there's a regulation limit. ---------------- new answer-------------------- In the USA there is no regulation limit. However in Canada and the UK there is. In the US you will find that there is a large selection of PCP air rifles that are charged to 3000 PSI and fire a 50 caliber pellet. These PCP class air rifles are capable of bringing down a Boar and Yes they can kill you. Even the smaller ones can kill you. PCP=PreCharged Pneumatic (See the link below) Airsoft air rifles are designed to not kill you and are considered toys but do hurt.

Who teaches the finch children how to shoot their air rifles?

In To Kill a Mockingbird, it was their Uncle Jack- Atticus was not interested in guns.

why isn't there self loading pump action air rifles if there are what are they called?

There called C02 air rifles or PCP air rifles

What kind of air rifles from academy can kill a squirrle?

any air rifle that fires a .177 pellet over 600 FPS should be sufficient

Who makes a 5mm air rifle?

Sheridan air rifles who is owned by Crosman Sheridans are 5mm air rifles

Are 22 cal pellet air pistols or Rifles used in Olympics?

no those are airguns. .22 bullet rifles are used in the Olympics --------------------correct answer:----------------- .177 caliber air rifles are used in the Olympics. These are high quality match air rifles.

Where are Hatsan air rifles made?

These excellent rifles are made in Turkey.

What is the longest pellet gun kill on a bird?

There are no (Kept) records for this category. However the PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) Class of air rifles will have the longest range.

Can a 22 magnum gun kill someone?

Yes, any firearm is capable of killing someone. There have been fatal shooting with air rifles and slingshots as well.