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Well, basically a purity ring means that you are not going to loose your virginity before mariage.

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Q: What can't you do when you were a purity ring?
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What do you do with a purity ring when your married?

when you get married they will replace your purity ring with the ring that your gonna get when your married

Do they sell purity rings at Disneyland Paris?

Any ring can be used as a purity ring; the important thing is the intention, not which ring is used. You can use a ring from Disneyland Paris as your purity ring.

Is a purity ring only for a male?

A purity ring is for both female and male.

Can any ring necklace be used as a purity ring necklace?

anything can be used as a purity simbol really it depends if you are trying to show others or just keep it to yourself if you are trying to show others then no it cant but if it is just to remind you of your beliefs then yes.

Can Hindus wear a purity ring?

Typically, Hindu's do not wear a purity ring. The purity ring is usually worn on people who come from Christian religion backgrounds.

Does Hayley Williams wear a purity ring?

No, she does not. She did at one point wear a silver ring that some people thought was a purity ring, but it was just a ring and not a symbol of anything

Is Demi Lovato wearing any rings?

yes she has some fashionable rings and also purity ring , but she wears the purity ring on a necklace yes she has some fashionable rings and also purity ring , but she wears the purity ring on a necklace

Can you take any ring and just call it a purity ring or does it have to be a specific kind like it has to have a cross on it?

I think that not every kind of ring can be called purity ring.**Because there is no such thing as an official purity ring (as stated by the Church of England, I don't know about anywhere else), any ring can be taken and used as a purity ring. It's what you think is a purity ring, and what it means to you. Some prefer to have it engraved with a saying or something, but that is not needed.

What does Kevin Jonas' purity ring say?

Kevin Jonas' purity ring has crossing vines on it.

Can mothers with children out of wedlock wear purity rings?

The purity ring is a symbol. The ring's symbolism is determined by the individual who is wearing the icon (the ring). Therefore, any relevance to "purity" is denoted by the individual who wears the ring.

Does Kevin Jonas still wear a purity ring?

No he wears a wedding band in place of the purity ring

What is a purity necklace?

A Purity necklace is the same as a purity ring. The difference is it is just a necklace instead of a ring but it means the same thing. I have a purity necklace myself and if you are thinking about getting one it is a awesome thing to have. So like you can have a purity ring, purity necklace, purity bracelet any jewelry really it all means the same thing.