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Depends entirely on the game laws in YOUR state. Run a Google search for "hunting regulations (your state name)" and you should be able to read the legal firearms information.

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Q: What caliber of rifles can you hunt turkey with?
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What is the a 30-06?

A caliber of rifles commonly used to hunt deer and elk.

Is hunting with a semi-automatic rifle legal in California?

It depends on the gun and caliber but most semi-automatic rifles such as the Ruger .22 are legal to hunt with in California.

What is the best deer rifle?

In the US, the two most popular deer rifles are the Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336, both in caliber 30-30. However, "best" is a matter of choice, and the area where you hunt. A bolt action rifle in a caliber legal for your state may be a good choice, and less expensive than the lever guns. I hunt with a muzzle loading rifle, and get to hunt 2 more weeks than the folks with modern rifles.

Is there such thing as a 22 caliber shotgun?

No. There are, however, .22 caliber shotshells made for rifles.

What caliber is a squirrel gun?

The term "squirrel gun" was used with muzzle loading rifles that were smaller caliber than deer rifles. There was no one set caliber, but many were in .32 caliber, where a deer rifle would be .50, .54 or larger.

Are 308 caliber guns more expensive than 5.56 assault rifles?

The 308 caliber guns are more expensive than 5.56 assault rifles.

What is the best rifle to use to kill deer?

I believe that a .270 caliber, .308, .30-30, and .243 caliber rifles are great calibers to hunt deer with. I think that a .30-06 is just a bit overkill, but sometimes i will use that. i use eather a .270 or a .308 most of the time when i hunt white tail deer

Where are Hatsan air rifles made?

These excellent rifles are made in Turkey.

When were Kettner 20 gauge rifles made?

Rifles are referred to by caliber. Shotguns are referred to by gauge.

How far did Winchester rifles kill at?

Which model and what caliber

Who made 3040 caliber rifles?

US and Sweden

Are 50 caliber rifles legal in KY?