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You would need a stereo 3.5mm jack to take the sound from the laptop, and depending on the inputs on the board you would likely use 2 mono 1/4'' jacks.

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Q: What cable to use to connect laptop to pro sound mixer?
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What additional items are needed for surround sound quality that is not included with the Astro A40s and mixer?

Nothing extra is needed. You need to connect the mixer to the game console with the included TOSlink optical cable.

How do you connect Edison professional dj system to a computer?

use a cable that goes from your headphone jack on the pc to the rca input on the mixer or directly to the speaker if applicable. This is just to get sound out of your pc to the mixer dj programs are a different question.

Can I install new speakers on my laptop myself?

Yes, you can purchase external speakers for your laptop from companies such as Altec Lansing or Logitech. You will just need to connect the speakers to your laptop using a USB cable, which will be supplied with the speakers. Some speakers come with a separate electrical power cable, while others use just one cable for the sound and power.

How do you connect xlr mic into stereo channel on sound craft emp mixer?

You use an adapter.

Is it possible to connect a laptop's sound to the radio speakers?

Yes it is possible, first you need a 3.5mm to rca jacks cable this will connect the audio from your laptop to the radio receive using one of the inputs from he back side If this is to be use in a car stereo , you will need to add an auxiliary audio input interface to your car radio

How do you get Sound to your tv from your laptop with an RGB cable?

The RGB cable is VIDEO only, get the AUDIO from the HEADPHONE jack on the computer.

If your Dell laptop has a headphones jack but no line-out jack can you still connect a 5.1 surround sound speaker system to it?

You can connect the 5.1 speaker system to the dell laptop as long as the cable is not an optical or digital cable. Some cables double analog or digital. These you can use. You should be able to plug them in if the connector fits. You may not have sound out of all of your speakers but you can still try. If the plug will fit then nothing can be hurt. If it does not work you might try getting an external usb sound card(e.g. soundblaster mp3) I hope that answers your question.

Do you need an HDMI cable for Blu-ray on your laptop?

No you need a blu ray player in your laptop. If your laptop has an HDMI output and a Blu Ray player then the HDMI cable will allow you to play your laptop Blu-ray disc using the HDTV instead of your laptop screen and sound

Why does my desktop which is on the same desk as the laptop wake up from sleep when I plug headphones into my laptop without anything else touching but the plug and the laptop?

The computer is programmed to respond when sound cables are attached Edit: The sound cable is being attached to the laptop, but the desktop, which is in sleep mode, wakes up. The cable is not being attached to the desktop.

You bought a laptop with vista later ii changed it to xp after that when you connect headphones to your laptop you listen sound both in your headphones and your laptop speakers can any one help you wh?

download a new sound driver for the particular laptop model, but for xp

You have cable box DVD wsurround sound all connected to tv you want to add the vcr to this and be able to tape from cable what is the best way to connect the vcr in with the rest should you run coax?

You unhook the connection from the cable box to the TV and connect it to the VCR input. You purchase a short cable and install it from the VCR output to where the cable was connected to the TV. The TV will get the cable box signal through the VCR with no problem when you are not using the VCR. If the cable box was connected to the surround sound or Home Theater and then the TV then connect the cable box to the VCR and then the surround sound or home theater.

Why do you need a docking station for a computer?

Instead of having to plug a printer cable, sound cable, power cable, external mouse, and network cable into the laptop every time, these cables can be plugged into a dock. When the laptop is placed into the docking station, the cables make a connection through the dock to the laptop. A docking station is beneficial when the laptop is used in different locations often.