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Majority of Black men tend to like women who are fit & curvy with big booty's, they like a more womenly figure.




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Q: What body type do black guys like in a girl?
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What do afghan guys like in a girl?

A hairy black spider

Do guys care if a girl has a perfect body?

Sadly, there are some guys that do care if a girl has a perfect body. That doesn't mean every guy is like that.

Can white guys like black girls?

Yes, Its Normal for a white guy to like a black girl.

How do guys feel about a girl with an average face and a good body?

A lot of guys like a girl with an average face and a good body. Some also care about how she acts though and what she is like.

Do latinas like black guys or white guys?

It depends on the girl. Every woman has their own preference.

How do you get a Black guy to like a Hispanic girl?

Just be yourself, Black guys like girls who are just comfortable being themselves.

What do you call a black girl who likes black guys?

A black girl who is attracted to black guys is simply someone who has a preference for dating individuals of the same race. This is a common personal dating preference and does not necessarily require a specific label.

Do girls like guys looking at their body?

depends on the girl and where you're looking. most girls like guys who look into their eyes or at their face, but they dont like guys looking at their chest/breasts, butt, and sometimes hips or stomach. but like i said, it depends on what kind of girl it is, but girls don't necessarily liked being looked at by their "body".

Why do guys say they don't like a girl when they do?

because when you fancy a girl they might like you but you don't want to feel embarrassed of them and infront of every body

How can find the girl by her clothing or body language that she like to be groped?

they will flirt with guys and show stuff

What do guys look for in a girl at age sixteen?

a nice body and by that time some one to have sex with but not every body is like that

Do guys like athletic girls the most?

I wouldn't say we like them the most, guys now adays look for a girl with a sexy body, you don't need to be athletic for that.