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Bushmills malt 10 .....single malt Irish whiskey

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Q: What beer and type of liquor do they drink in boondock saints?
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Beer and liquor makes you sicker?

No if you drink just beer you will be sicker than if you drink beer and liquor. If you drink them both you wont be as sick. It was proven on mythbusters.

How many beers is equal to a 40 oz malt liquor?

depend on how many beer you drink. and you only can drink one malt liquor cause liquor work faster than beer

Is beer a liquor?

Beer Liquor or Alcohol:In the US, technically, beer is not a considered a liquor, but is an alcoholic drink an the same laws apply as those that pertain to bourbon, scotch, vodka, etc.

Can you take drugs in saints row 2?

yes, u can smoke a blunt or drink beer, and you can find both of these in the in-game gas stations or liquor stores

Why do gnats like beer?

Because they can't drink hard liquor.....

What beer do they drink at rocco's house in boondock saints?

The cans say "Phelan's Irish". But no one knows what that is. Apparently a phony brand made for the movie, which is not uncommon.And what does a "drought" have to do with Murphy's Irish Stout?

Is there a difference between the alcohol in beer and liquor?

no you should'nt drink beer! you will go drunk and mess up your brain

Why is the saying liquor before beer your in the clear?

It's a popular saying to specify that if you drink liquor after beer, you will get a hangover, though the evidence to support that is either nonexistent or anecdotal at best.

A standard drink is equivalent to?

A standard drink of beer, wine, or liquor contains .06 oz of absolute or "pure" alcohol.

Beverage starts with letter t?

Tang is a brand of soft drink. Tequila is liquor. Tuborg Beer is a brand of beer from Denmark.

What drink is stronger in terms of pure alcohol?

Which drink is stronger in terms of pure alcohol? A glass of wine, a mug of beer, a shot of liquor, or are they all the same?The answer is:A shot of liquor