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Q: What are your chances of getting pregnant with a split condom?
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Is there a chance you could be pregnant if the condom split?

yesExcellent.Yes you can get pregnant if the condom splits.

Can you be pregnant if the condom didnt split?


What are the chances of becoming pregnant from the sperm which are inside the condom?

the sperm inside the condom cannot impregnate you. However if there is a hole or split in the condom the sperm that escapes can. Although condoms are coated in spermicide it will not kill all of the sperm.

The condom hasn't split but I haven't been on for a week could you be pregnant?

defintly not

What are the chances of getting pregnant on day sixteen of your cycle periods are regular condom split af due on 10th october sex on 27th September?

I would say the chances of getting pregnant are pretty high. Normally, you ovulate around the 14th day before your period is due. This is more like a range of 12-16 days though. You had sex 13 days before your period is due, which is in that range. It is certainly possible.

Can you get pregnant even if you use condoms?

Unfortunatly yes. There's a chance you will become pregnant with every contraceptive method. Its possible the condom could split or tear slightly, thus leaking the semen and therefore increasing pregnancy chances :o(

What are the chances that a 15 year old girl is pregnant if she is one week late and the boy wore a condom?

Be serious, condoms don't always work, knowing you've already found out by now, but condoms only work 99.6% of the time, and even then putting it on slighty wrong can causer it to split :p

Why Was Josh Pinnegar Born?

Split condom on a drunken night

Tulisa pregnant and split from her man?

She's not pregnant and she hasn't split from her man.

The condom split on the 29th July then on the 3rd Aug i got a strechy discharge ovulation maybe then i got my period on the 17th Aug why was i not pregnant?

Cause the sperm and egg didn't meet

Does it matter if you use an out of date condom for oral?

It will split and not do much justice

Is it possible that my girlfriend could be pregnant as no period for 5 weeks although usually regular and an accident with a split condom about 3 weeks ago?

It's actually VERY possible. She isn't having a period and the whole broken condom incident. By the time I answer this, she probably already had the baby. Congratulations.

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