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My boyfriend gave me a promise ring for Christmas this year all he did was put it on my finger while telling me that he promised to always love me, that's all

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Q: What are you supposed to do when you're giving a promise ring?
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What do you say to a guy when he gives you a promise ring?

A promise ring can mean it is a promise that one day you will receive an engagement ring, but, things could have changed and it could be simply a promise ring of friendship forever and you need to have him clarify what he means by giving you that ring. If you do not love this young man and he has romantic intentions then do not accept the promise ring.

Can you sue a guy for giving you a promise ring along with a promise and did not stick to his promise?

A promise ring is generally given to promise to get an engagement ring in the future. No, you cannot sue this young man because he broke his promise. You have learned a valuable lesson that you need to be more careful about who promises you what.

Which finger are you supposed to wear a promise ring if you already have a child?

If you already have children, a promise ring can still be worn on either the left or right hand. Most women like to wear it on the left ring finger as the promise rings gives the representation that it is temporarily taking the place of an engagement ring.

What is the proper length of courtship before giving a promise ring?

like one year to a couple of years

What does it mean when someone gives a diamond promise ring?

A diamond promise ring has many meanings, but they generally means that the giver of the promise ring will be faithful to the receiver of the promise ring.

When was The Promise Ring created?

The Promise Ring was created in 1995.

When did The Promise Ring end?

The Promise Ring ended in 2002.

Can you change the meaning of a promise ring?

No, i dont think you can. A promise ring is a promise to stay with someone until marriage. It is a promise of love and devotion & trust. That is the meaning of a promise ring.

What is something creative to do when giving a girl a promise ring?

when you give a girl a promise ring,a good thing to do is to be romantic. Like putting 365 things you like about her in a jar so she can open one up every day.

What is your reaction supposed to be when he gives you a Promise Ring?

That's something you can determine on your own. No one can really decide how you should react.

Do you kneel when you give a girl a promise ring?

It is seen as old fasioned to kneel down to give a ring these days. It was usually done when giving an engagement ring and a romantic way of doing it.

Can you use your regular ring as a promise ring The ring is a christian ring with scriptures on it Want to no if it can be used as a promise ring Can really afford a real one?

I think that such a 'Promise' ring would be an ideal gift .