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purchase a large quantity of an item

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Q: What are you required to do when you want to use a discount membership to save money?
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Do they offer a discount on Economist subscriptions if you commit to multiple years?

Yes they do because they can consider it a membership. This would save you money in the long run. The longer the membership is the more benefits one can receive.

What is the benefit of purchasing discount toys?

The benefit of purchasing discount toys is that you can save a little bit of your money. With that money you save, you can buy other things or you can save it.

How will you save money by buying a franchise?

You can save money by getting a volume discount on your products.

What is a smart way to save money on prescription drugs?

You can save money on prescription drugs by getting a free prescription discount card. You can save 85% on your medication.

Does it cost money to save on poptropica?

NO. It dosent its all free except the membership.

What are the best discount coupons to use to save money?

There are many discount coupons that a person can find. has many discount coupons available on their site.

Is there a good site that finds and lists all the good discount voucher codes/promotional codes?

A good place to find promotional codes on products is You have to make a membership but it is free and is definately worth it to save money.

What is the best way to save money at Hilton Garden Inn?

The best way to save money at Hilton Hotels is to apply for membership to the Hilton Rewards Club.

What are you required to do when you buy in bulk to save money?

You have to purchase a large quantity of an item when you buy in bulk to save money.

If you are buying something for 18.50 and you get a 50 percent discount how much money did you save?

You saved 9.25.

Is there anywhere you can get your tongue pierced if your only 13?

no, save yer money. unless you have connections to have a discount.

How do consumer and service cooperatives save their members money?

Consumer coops save money for their members by buying goods in huge quantities which gives the coops a discount. Service coops such as credit unions save money for their members by sharing sharing the money amongst the members