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the embryonic and fetal stages

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Q: What are two major stages of development in pregnancy?
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What are the two stages of cell division called?

The eukaryotic cells has two major stages in dividing the cells. The two stages are the cytokinesis and the mitosis stage.

Does embryonic development mean the same as fetal development?

No. The embryo and the fetus are two separate stages in a baby's prenatal development.

Two major stages of aerobic respiration?

The two major stages of aerobic respiration are the krebs cycle and electron transport.

What do you call a frog in its early stages of development?

When the sperm and egg of two animals meet, they create a zygote. It is then called an embryo during the early stages of development and later called a foetus.

What are the two main stages of growth and development are associated with rapid and diverse changes?

toddler and adolescence

What are different stages in drug discovery and development?

There are two stages - curiosity and delight Development has many factors - college is usually a good start. Or a high pressure job in finance Any which way, enjoy it man

What are the two major stages of a plant life-cycle?

The Sporophyte stage and the gametophyte stage

Why are piaget's stages of cognitive development important?

Jean Piaget's stages of cognitive development are important in teaching because if the child has not developed an intellectual sense of the idea, they will not be able to learn and use what you are trying to teach. The four stages include intellectual and motor skills that are part of child development from infancy to adulthood.Piaget identified the following four stages in development of cognition:Sensory-Motor (Ages Birth Through Two)Preoperational (Ages Two Through Seven)Concrete Operations (Ages Seven Through Eleven)Formal Operations (Ages Eleven Through Sixteen)

If two organisms look very similar during their early stages of development this is evidence that the organisms are what?

Of common ancestry, though ontogeny does not recapitulate phylogeny, ontogeny, development, can create phylogeny.