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Play four in a row using the Play n Display Tray.

Or try bouncing them into a cup.

we like to line up four of them on the floor then flick orbeez until you clear the four lined up, then you earn orbeez as points... that is just a start we have made up many more rules for our unique game... just start dinging around with them and fun games will come!

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~make a track and see if an orbee can make it thorugh!

~have an orbeez scavenger hunt! Hide them around the house and see if friends or family can find them!

~Make a "community pool" and put orbeez in and pretend they are swimming!

~see how high you can drop them from before they break, or see how high they can bounce!

Hope this helps!


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Q: What are things to do with orbeez?
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Would you die by swallowing an orbeez?

I had a friend and they ate an orbeez they got sick but no they did not die so is a baby swallows a orbeez.

Do you put orbeez in salt?

When you put Orbeez in salt water the turn into smashed bits. Me and my friend had just brought a bottle of orbeez and then heard a rumor that when you put them in salt they grow so we tried this prosess and it dried up our orbeez :'(

Are orbeez worth the money?

I certainly wouldnt spend the money to buy orbeez. You grow them. What do you do after that?

Can you only use orbeez spa once?

No, it only depends how many little Orbeez you have.

Where can i get orbeez at?

Target, Kmart, Walmart or Toys R Us is where I get my Orbeez.

How do you shrink orbeez?

Yes, you can shrink orbeez leave them out in a open area for a couple hours and they should get smaller.

Do orbeez grow once you take them out of water?

orbeez do not grow once out of water because it has not water going to it.

Can orbeez kill fish?

yes i think orbeez can kill ur fish because when i got my fish it lived for more than five week and when i cleaned his tank and put him in he was ok later that night i put three orbeez in his tank .the day after the orbeez i see him at the bottom of his tank dead thats why i will never put orbeez in a fish tank ever again R.I.P max

Are orbeez reusable?


Does orbeez cause cancer?


Do orbeez shrink?


Are orbeez non living and why?

Yes orbeez are non living. Because they do not reproduce and they do not require food they are not a living organism. Orbeez are super absorbent polymers that can grow to more than 100 times their volume by the addition of water.