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You will have to contact the company

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Q: What are the years for the anschutz rifle by serial numbers?
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Revonoc 222 rifle it also said hsb co on it no serial number that can seen does anyone have any information about this rifle when made where serial number would be found value if this rifle 22L rifle?

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. 50-100 USD. 50 + years old.

How old is Philip Anschutz?

Philip Anschutz is 71 years old (birthdate: December 28, 1939).

When was a Winchester model 90 serial 791093 made?

Your winchester model 1890 .22cal.pump rifle was made between 1932-1941.During those years winchester chose the serial numbers randomly.Your serial number falls into the serial number range they used.

When was Winchester 94 serial number 1265937?

Made 1943 to 1947, records are unavailable for these years on the model 94, your serial is in this range.Actually your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made before Winchester discontinued their records during World War II.Your rifle was made in the year 1941.serial number 1,238,585 was the start of the serial numbers in 1941 and ended at 1,287,468.

How old is Winchester model 90-22 long rifle serial number 766028?

If you are reffering to the modl 1890 winchester pump rifle in .22cal?Then the rifle you have was made between 1932-1941.During these years winchester randomly chose serial numbers for the model 1890 rifle.these started at 747,266,and thr highest recorded is 849,100.

Why doesn't an early Winchester model 1894 38-55 have a serial number?

It could be that the serial number which is located at the bottom of the rifle ahead of the receiver has been worn away during the years of use.The balance of this rifle was located there and most hunters carried the rifle with one hand around the receiver when hunting afield.All Winchester model 1894 rifles made did have serial numbers assigned to them.

What is the age of your Winchester m77 22long rifle serial number 47856?

Winchester did not keep records of the production of serial numbers by years for this model.I can say that Winchester started this model in the year 1955.The serial numbers began at serial number 1001,and finished at serial number 217,180.production ceased in the year 1963.If I had to guess as to when yours was made,I would say 1956.

How old is your model 94 with serial no 2867771?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in 1965,that means your rifle is 46 years old.

How old is a Winchester lever action 32 number 1343192?

If you have a winchester model 1894 rifle?These rifles that were made during the war years,1943-1948 did not have their serial numbers recorded by winchester.Your rifle was made during this time span.

Where can you download John Deere gator serial numbers?

By downloading serial numbers I assume you mean a list of years and serial numbers? And for the record, only John Deere dealers have this capability to ensure that serial numbers are not forged or altered.

What year is Winchester model 70 serial number G 2298723?

My serial numbers go up to 2,037,985 which end in 1991.I would say that your Winchester model 70 rifle was made sometime during the years 1997-1998.

Can you help you find any info on a shapleighs king nitro 22cal bolt action rifle there are no serial numbers three patent numbers bought used 30-36 years ago?

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