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1. Perceptual Selection

2. Perceptual Organization

3. Perceptual Interpretation

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Q: What are the various elements of perception?
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What is the result of a combination of sensations and not of individual sensual elements?


Can light have color?

No. Color is a sensory perception of the various wavelengths of light.

What is the purpose of the periodic. table?

To organize the elementsTo organize various elements so that it is easy to study the various elements.

Explain the various perception about philosophy?

The variouse perception about philosophy would be a long drawn out answer to which would take to much of my time and effort, in short i have not got a clue!

What is organizational processes in perception?

The organizational processes in perception is influenced by identification and interpretation of the sensory nerves. This is determined by various characteristics like object, event, contrast and intensity among others.

Is air a compound of elements or a mixture of elements?

Air is not an example for any of the given. It is a mixture of various elements and compounds.

What is the need of the classification?

Simple method to simplify and systematize the study of properties of various elements and their compounds. This necessity led to the classification of various elements into groups.

Which of these terms refers to clouds of dust and gas that are composed of various chemical elements?

Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas that are composed of various chemical elements.

What are cones and what is their role in the perception of color?

Cones are the light receptors on the retina of an eye that distinguish the various colors.

What are the various elements of climate which influence thermal comfort?

relationship of climate elements with thermal comfort

What does 'various elements' mean?

a variety (range, spectrum) of elements (things, forces, items, ingredients)

What effects a shape of a molecule?

The configuration of various elements