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what r the uses of water in hotels

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Q: What are the uses of water in hotels?
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Give information about the use of water in the Indian houses factories and hotels?

information about uses of water in the houses factories & hotels in your surroundings

Which hotels are in Estonia?

There is different hotels. There are lux hotels. A lot of hotels are with spas, sauna and with water park.

Where are the unique uses at Costa Adeje hotels?

The unique uses of the Costa Adeje hotels are rooms were you can see the sea & sites that have fun, unique food, & activities for many ages. They include technology activities.

What type of fabric does Sheridan hotels use for their bedding?

Sheridan hotels appears to be a misspelling of Sheraton Hotels. Sheraton Hotels uses, and offers for sale to the general public, 300 count cotton blend or 100% cotton sheets.

What facilities can one expect if one uses Travelodge in the UK?

If one uses Travelodge in the UK he can expect to find hotels and hospitality facilities in the United Kingdom. Most of the facilities offered by Travelodge are budget hotels.

What establishments uses WLAN?

It's wireless internet. many hotels do it for convenience.

Does one have to pay extra for water views at luxury beach hotels?

Water views at hotels typically cost more than non water views. This is because they are more in demand.

What are some cheap hotels in Sheffield?

Cheap hotels in Sheffield include any hotel that uses the word discount or economy in its name. Cheap hotels are often located in the urban area that can get populated which is causation for the reduced cost of the lodging.

What is the use of water in hotels and factories?

There are many reasons that water is used in hotels and factories, including bathing. Water may also be used for cleaning surfaces and the floor, and also can be used for cooking food.

What Venice hotels are right on the water?

There are many Venice hotels that allow you to be right next to the water or even on the water. You just have to look at the right spot in Venice. They may cost a lot so watch out.

Human attractions in majorca?

water parks, houses, hotels.

Who uses the most water in America?

Trick question it is what uses the most water in America. The thing that uses the most water are.......Microchips