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  • a source and store for energy.
  • an insulating material that prevents excessive heat lost.
  • a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins and many other vital substances such as hormones.
  • an essential part of protoplasm, especially in cell membranes.
  • a way to reduce water loss from skin surface.

By keeping temperature management.Fat also helps support your Kidneys.

Not only does it provide energy for the body, but also is used for insulation (keeping the body warm or cool), padding, and protection of organs.

Body fat is just stored energy that has not been used. I am no expert, but this is what I know so far. It's kinda dumb, but yeah, it isn't used for much.

Fats are used in the body as an energy source. If more energy is taken in (as food)) than is needed by the body at a particular time, then the body makes fat as a way to store that energy for when food is not available. Fat actually provides more energy than sugar per weight, though fat takes longer to metabolize.

for enegry

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Q: What are the uses of fats in our body?
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What are the uses of fats in the body?

Fats store energy in the body, provide "cushioning" for parts of the body that have a lot of impact, and help provide shape to the body.

What does fats and oil Give to the body?

fat provides warmth and it stores nutrients in case the body needs them.

What are the main uses of fats?

it is used by the body to store energy and use it later.

Is butter harmful to eyes?

No, butter is a type of fats which is healthy to the body but if you ate a ;lot it may cause obesity , fats are healthy in such a way when carbohydrates are not found,your body uses fats. Hope i helped!!!!!

How can a diet low in carbohydrates and fats affect the way the body uses proteins?

A diet low in carbohydrates and fats affect the way the body uses proteins by forcing the body to choose to burn proteins for energy. The body normally burns sugars first and then burns proteins.

Why do we need fats in our body?

Fat is stored energy. When the body needs extra energy - it uses up body fat.

What are common uses of phospholipids?

The are fats and oils in the body. They are used for energy and stuff like that.

What are fats' uses?

protects the body organs. concentrated form of energy. there you go that is your answer! thanks. bye

Why are fats called energy banks of your body?

Fats are called the energy banks of the body because the body uses fat to create energy. The fats can be used to create heat and energy, to insulate the organs and nerves inside the body, and to regulate the fat soluble vitamins.

The study of food and how your body uses the substances in foods is called?


Why do your bodies use carbohydrates as a source of energy in preference to fats?

The body uses carbohydrates as source of energy in preference to fats because the one reason is that fats are complex substances while carbohydrates are simple and easily available. while in some cases the thyroids hormones save the carbohydrates and uses fats as source of energy.

What substance is used as the main energy resource for the body?

The main energy sources for the body are Carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The body uses Carbohydrates more than the other two sources. The body will get energy from fats, and lastly, proteins. This is why a low carb diet will cause you to lose weight. Energy itself, is caused by the body converting carbs, fats and proteins into Glucose.