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Yogurt &&Fruit...Frozen Grapes make a wonderful snack.

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Q: What are the types of healthy snacks available?
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Where can I find more information on healthy snacks?

There are many healthy snacks available on the market today. A big emphasis has been placed on 100 calorie snacks, these you can purchase at your local store. Also, healthy snacks can be found in the produce isle, fresh fruits and veggies are alwasy best!

What are the lyrics to the Blue's Clues Healthy snacks song?

Healthy Snacks, Healthy Snacks, We love to eat. Yum! Healthy Snacks. Carrots, Bananas, and Celery Too! We like to eat Healthy Snacks. Don't You.

What types of foods contain protein?

milk,yogurt mainly in healthy nutritious snacks

Where can I buy snacks for kids online?

For inexpensive healthy snacks for kids you can purchase online snacks from Vons, they seem to have very healthy food. Also on sells healthy snacks for kids and adults.

Where can I find healthy snacks?

A great place to find healthy snacks is the website The website contains recipes for easy yet healthy snacks, and nutritional information about each snack.

Are all snacks healthy or unhealthy?

Either or. Snacks such as fruit and nuts would be healthy and other snacks like junk food, especially if not in moderation, are unhealthy.

What are some healthy snacks that I can pack in my kids' lunch boxes?

There are plenty of snacks that children can eat for lunch that are healthy. Healthy snacks for children include fruits and vegetables, baked chips, and trail mix.

What is good healthy snacks for school?

I'm in a G.A.T.E. class and we have our own little city thing where you can earn money. One of these ways are...BRINGING HEALTHY SNACKS TO SCHOOL! Some healthy snacks I personally eat for snacks are: Yogurt, Granola Bars, Fruit, and Vegetables.

What can you mix marijuana with?

Healthy snacks.

Where can I find healthy snack recipes?

A good, healthy snack should be low in fat and sodium. You can always exchange your snacks to healthy fruits and vegetables. There are many healthy snacks that can be found in cookbooks.

Where can one buy healthy snacks?

Healthy, nutritious and organic snacks can be purchased at many different grocery stores. The most popular stores that sell a large range of healthy snacks are Whole Foods Market, TrueFoodsMarket and Holland @ Barrett.

Where can I find more information on healthy kids snacks?

For general information on healthy kid snacks, visit for more information. If you are concerned about the health effects of healthy kid snacks specifically to you, you can consult your physician.