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It is drug addiction.

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Q: What are the term related to drug dependence?
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What is the medical term meaning strong dependence on a drug?


What is Possession of a drug of dependence?

Having a drug dependence is an addiction.

What is the same about drug abuse drug addiction and drug dependence?

drug abuse could lead to drug addiction and dependence

What is relationship between genetics and possible drug dependence?

genetics correlate with drug dependence

The higher the tolerance and dependence of a drug the?

Tolerance and dependence of a drug is a trademark of addiction. The tolerance of a drug builds in which case a person needs more of the drug in their system. The dependence on a drug, is the need for the drug in which to feel like you are living a normal life.

Is psychological dependence on a drug marked by a state of mental and physical abnormality when the drug is withdrawn?

No. Physical dependence on a drug is marked by a state of mental and physical abnormality when the drug is withdrawn.

What kind of dependence is it when a person believes the he or ashe needs a drug in order to feel good or function normally?

A psychological dependence is a person's belief that he or she needs a drug to feel good or to function normally. A physical dependence is a condition where a person has a physical or chemical dependence on the drug.

What does dependence mean?

subconsciously you have a psychological dependence on something, whether it be a drug , sex, people

In term of alcohol and drug use what is a physical dependence?

Physical dependence is the withdrawls you have when you stop using, emotional dependence is the mental obsession and compulsion to keep using. Check out if you believe you have dependency issues or research al-anon if someone you love is struggling with dependency

What is the symptoms of hallucinogen dependence?

Most hallucinogens have little or no tendency for causing drug dependence. One notable exception is ketamine. The symptoms of dependence include a craving for a drug, which may cause many secondary effects.