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Symptoms of unhealthy menstruation can vary greatly.

Generally speaking if you experience irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, menstrual cramps, sickness, etc. during menstruation these are all signs of a problem.

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Q: What are the symptoms of unhealthy menstruation?
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When do symptoms of menstrual dysmenorrhea occur?

The symptoms typically start a day or two before menstruation, usually ending when menstruation actually begins.

Is two times menstruation can be symptoms of pregnancy?


How do you get through PMS?

PMS is a socially constructed illness, it's a vague collection of symptoms attributed to menstruation that can be a result of your feelings towards menstruation. The first step in surviving menstruation is thus changing your attitude towards menstruation and learning more about it. You then look at individual symptoms to determine if they are actually related to menstruation, and look into how to prevent any negative symptoms.

How can you make menstruation start earlier?

You don't want to alter that, it's unhealthy.

What are the signs and symptoms of unhealthy person?

what are the signs & symptoms of an unheathy person

Does menstruation cause fever?

It could. Many symptoms come from menstruation like fever, cramps, and mood swings.

If menstruation is delay how can you know the symptoms?

You dont get your period on time?

How would you know that your menstruation is unhealthy?

update your doctor every physical, or call If your concerned about something.

Can weight loss effect your menstrual cycle?

Yes. Weight loss can cause menstruation to lighten or stop altogether. However, if weight loss causes your menstruation to stop, it is a good indicator that your weight may have dropped to unhealthy level. It is just as unhealthy to be underweight as it is to be overweight.

If a girl is experiencing a menstruation symptoms she can be pregnant?

Could be, most likely it is PMS.

What are the symptoms of miscarriage at 2 week?

A heavy menstruation, but usually nothing more.

What are symptoms of unhealthy eating?

someone with a lot of health problems or are fat

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