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You increase the risk of having an accident by 400 percent every time you use your cell phone when driving

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Q: What are the statistics of accidents while using a cell phone while driving?
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How many accidents are caused by using a cell phone while driving?

over 5,000 a year

What are the group trying to stop cell phone use while driving?

Too many accidents are caused by using a cell phone while driving so the states and local governments along with the police are passing laws against using the phone.

What is the single biggest cause of car accidents while using a cell phone?

The single biggest cause of car accidents while using a cell phone - is cell phones.

Is it illegal to tlk to on the phone and text while driving a vehicle?

Many states have bills in progress to outlaw hands on cell phone talking and texting. That is because there is a linkage to increased accidents and deaths while driving using a cell phone. There is a study that concludes that cell phone use reduces your skills just as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What are the major limitations and benefits to using case study to determine the use of cell phones causing car accidents?

people should stop texting and talking on the phone while their driving it would really limit on the car accidents.

What is culpable driving?

using ur mobile phone when driving

Are cell phones causing car accidents?

well it depends if your texting someone and your driving at the same time then you may cause 1 or if your talking to someone on the phone while driving but instead of you holding it you can put it on loud speaker and put it like on the passenger seat if its not taken and talk to the person who's on the phone and listen to them while your driving but keep your eyes on the road and for any 1 else who's in the car and is not driving then no it cant cause an accidentAnother View: No. It is the drivers USING the cellphones who cause the accidents.

What is a sentence using the word statistics?

After he was killed in a drnk driving accident, he was just another statistic.

Where could one compare the statistics of cell phones?

Cell phone statistics can be compared online using many websites and sources that provide this information. Phone Statistics is one of the more reliable sites in this respect.

How do most car accidents happen?

Most car accidents happen because people are careless. People also do things while they are driving that cause accidents, such as using cell phones, texting and eating.

Is using cell phones while driving dangrous?

it not good to be driving wilted using your phone u can have a crash kill some one it to dangerous unless you have a car that has a phone devise so you can talk wised driving

Is using a mobile phone a violation?

Using a mobile phone without a hands-free device while driving is illegal in many places. Texting while driving is especially dangerous.