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C3 Shooter has most of the Data. Here is some more : 22 LR cal., Target variation of the Mountain Eagle, featues an 8 in. accurized barrel, 2-stage target trigger, jeweled bolt, adj. sights with interchangeable blades, 23 oz., overall length 12.3125". Mfg. 1993-96.

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Magnum Research, Minneapolis, Minnesota. .22 LR, 15 round polycarobonate magazine, steel barrel, polymer frame. 10.6 inches long, 21 ounces, made 1992-1996. Values from $140-$240 for a NIB. There was also a shorter version with a 4.5 inch bbl instead of the 6.5.

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Q: What are the specs of a mountain eagle 22 caliber pistol made by magnum research?
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