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Social implications

Well I see less people venturing out into the open and meeting each other face to face. Even twenty years ago many people used to like to go out and shop and they would dress up to do so. They would form relationships with sales people and so forth. This would lead to a "reality check" away from TV and sensationalist media. This exposure to a variety of different people will dissapear. Of course some people would just go out to sneer at others anyway.

I see in a growth in Malls and super shopping centres where you can get everything you want from one location. Little surburban shops will continue to struggle, except those who sell more novel or hard to get items.

Fast food should continue to sell OK but otherwise the world will probably be less personable than it was.

Political Implications

Well retailers are in big trouble all around the world. It has been estimated that more than 15% of retailers will go broke within 5 years on account of the growth in on-line sales and marketing.

Of course, this is provided that the geeks can keep rampart hacking away from on-line retailers which they havent been able to. Even the US Military uses computers that arent hooked up to anything except a keyborad and a mouse.

If reatilers are struggling, then I suspect it will be harder for politicians as retailers are sensitive and more outspoken on economy etc.

Of course the internet is a wonderful thing for democracy, ideas and sharing knowledge. The power of the media barons to shape our thought is slipping away. The next big battle will be amongst the googles of the world to provide the search engines to get you to the product they are taking money for putting at the top of the search.

So I predict a lot more search engines with different features.

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Q: What are the social and political implications of the internet as a threat to the high street?
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