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Mammals, birds, and reptiles all derive from a single common ancestor.

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Q: What are the similarities of human and chicken embryo?
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What are 2 similarities of a chick and human embryo?

Human and chick embryos are quite similar. Heart action and eye slits begin at approximately the same time in chicken and human gestation.

What is the similarities and differences between a chicken egg and where the human baby develops?

differences a chicken starts as a egg and hatches but a human comes out without an egg. similarities a chicken gives birth the same part of the body that humans do.

How can the chicken egg be compare to a human egg?

Human eggs and chicken eggs are different in many aspects:Size: A human egg is somewhat smaller than a typical period on a printed page. A chicken's egg weights several gramsFood Source: A chickens egg contains a food source for the developing embryo, a human egg is provided with food from the placentaLocations: A human egg is maintained in the mother's body until the embryo is developed, a chicken's egg is incubated externallyFrequency of Ovulation: A chicken ovulates daily, a human monthly

Where the chicken embryo develops?

Chicken embryo develops inside chicken egg . actually embryo develops form germinal spot at top of yolk and utilizes yoke as food .

How is embryo differnet from a fetus?

Fetus is name given to human embryo after it is recognizable as human embryo .

Embryo in a sentence?

The embryo of a chicken egg is right below the shell.

Do you eat chicken embryo?


Does the yolk in an egg become the chicken?

No. The yolk is the food for the chicken embryo.

Where does the chicken embryo get the food from?

The yolk of the egg.

How is the embryo kept in its place in chicken?


Does a chicken egg embryo contain blood?


What type of tissue is chicken skin?

Embryonic, due to the Embryo Embryonic, due to the Embryo