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They're margin lines.

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Q: What are the red lines on lined paper for?
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What is the deference between lined and spiral notebook paper?

The lined paper is smaller lines and the spiral is bigger lines

How does lined paper look like?

Yes, notebook paper has lines. However, the line spacing may differ. There are narrow-lined, regular-lined, and wide-lined notebooks.

How many lines on an a4 lined paper?


Is lined paper Heterogeneous Mixture a Homogeneous Mixture a Compound or a Element?

Lined paper is a heterogeneous mixture: The material that forms the lines is not distributed throughout the remainder of the paper.

What part of speech is the word lines?

Lined is a past tense verb and an adjective. Verb: Tourists lined the streets. Adjective: Please have enough lined paper for the essay.

What could you do if you didn't have a any squared paper?

You could draw vertical lines down lined paper to create your own.

Can you draw a sankey diagram on lined paper?

One would think that any kind of diagram can be drawn on any kind of paper. However, lined paper might possibly lead to confusion if the lines are the same color as the diagram. In any case, it would look less than professional, and given the ready availability of unlined paper (for example, printer paper), why used lined paper?

Can you print things on lined paper instead of white paper?

yes but it may not be the best way, sometimes the words wont print on the lines of the paper and it will look unorganized .

What paper is the lightest?

Normal lined paper

What is the past participle of line?

lined I lined the cabinet with paper.

Are ruled paper and lined paper the same?


What is lighter line paper or printer paper?

lined paper by a lot