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It goes like this:

Uber Noob - One who has never even played a game before.

Noob - One who has yet to learn how to play a game.

Beginner - One who at least tries to play a game.

Rookie - Much better than the beginner. Pretty much it.

Pookie - Halfway pro, halfway rookie. Thus, pookie.

Over Rookie - The leader of the rookies. Almost PRO! ALMOST.

Pro - One who works hard. Or who is born with talent.

Beast - One who can devour any pro player.

All Star - One who has enslaved the pookies, and pimped the pros.

Pwner - One who has pwned every noob known to man.

All Star Beast Pwner - Is this even possible?

Haxor - One who cheats to get an insane score like the one above.

Haxor's the highest I ever got, and I think it's the highest possible score. Let us all bow down to the person who can prove me wrong.

~Yoshi Fowl

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Q: What are the ranks for the game ski runner?
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