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The baby will die easy in you if the placenta detaches!!!!

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Q: What are the possible cause for the baby to die inside the womb?
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What do you call a baby inside it's mother's womb?

A baby inside the womb is called a fetus.

How do you play with your baby inside womb?


Is it possible to serenade a baby from the womb?

It is thought that a baby in the womb responds to external sounds and vibrations.

What do you call the unborn baby inside the mother's womb?


If a baby poop and baby has any problem in the womb?

baby poop while in the womb can cause infection in the lungs if the baby swallows it

If you have a current tubal pregnancy is it possible to make it a feasible pregnancy?

unfortunately no, a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy is a fetus growing OUTSIDE the womb, and the baby CANNOT be put INSIDE the womb.

Where is the baby held during labor?

Inside the womb.

What causes growth in a womb?

The splitting of the cells causes growth inside the womb. Another cause for growth in the womb is good nutrition. Many doctors will prescribe special vitamins to enhance a baby's chance for survival without defects of the fetus.

Can babies fart inside the womb?

no, it is impossible because there is no air in the womb and the baby needs air to fart. i agree to this because you can not breath in the womb and no air will go inside the intestine.

What is baby birth?

Its simply a child that dies inside the mothers womb.

How soon can you feel the baby kicking inside the womb?

3_4 months

How is a baby protected while its inside the mother?

A baby is protected in the womb by amniotic fluid. Fluid gives the best possible protection to the baby. It is supposed give the most soft cushion to the baby. This protection is maintained regardless of the position of the baby.