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u can get pregnant if your tube were tied and not burned

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Q: What are the odds of getting pregnant if tubes were tied 8 years ago?
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What are the odds of getting pregnant 20 years after having your tubes tide?

Slim but there are cases where they slip out and become active once again

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you had your tubes tide via fallopian rings 15 months ago during your c-seciton?

I am 28s old & when i was 22 years old I had my tubes tied this way, 2 years later I ened up pregnant. it is now 6 years almost 7 years later & I am pregnant again. The first pregnancy I had was a tubal, however for 3 months I was told i was fine & would be able to carry the baby. Then it ened up rupering in my tubes!!

What are the odds of a pregnancy being ectopic after tubal ligation?

i am not sure about the odds but i had my tubes done a year and a half ago and today i found out i was pregnant too early to see if it in my tubes should out next week i thought i couldn't get pregnant but it can happen

The odds of getting pregneat with a tuble?

There are many people called Tuble and the odds of getting pregnant with one depends on your relationship.

What are odds of getting pregnant if sperm is outside?

Not very High. It CAN happen, but chances are it won't.

What are the odds of you being pregnant?

The odds of me being pregnant are 0 as I am male.

What are the odds of getting pregnant at age 54?

Very slight. Chances are no pregnancy will occur at 54.

What are the best odds of getting pregnant with a 24 day menstrual cycle?

12 days after the bleeding starts.

What are the odds of a women with one tube and ovary of getting pregnant?

The loss of one ovary reduces fertility only by about 50%.

What are the odds of prenancy if the man has a vasectomy and the womans tubes are tied?


Odds of a woman getting pregnant with prenatal tablets?

Prenatal tablets are vitamins etc so a very big risk since you are unprotected.

What are the odds of someone getting pregnant after a tubal ligation 4.5 years ago and is there any chance of pregnancy without a reversal?

A tubal ligation is considered permanent birth control, but there is still a margin of error. You could become pregnant any time afterward. It is estimated that 143 women in 10,000 (1.43%) get pregnant after tubal ligations.