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Q: What are the numbers for a passcode on discovery education?
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Can you make your password longer than 4 numbers on your iPod touch?

Yes, if you go into the settings and type on the passcode section then you turn advanced passcode on and you press change passcode and you can make it with any amount of numbers, letters, and/or symbols.

What numbers should you type in if you locked your iPod touch with a passcode?

Numbers that have significant value to you. For example, if you have a printer whose series number is 8010, and you happen to use that computer a lot, that could be your passcode.

How do you get a discovery education?

with Fred

Can I have a passcode for Bumble Numbers 2?

Card4 should work Card4 should work

How do you put pictures on your iPhone passcode numbers?

its not true its an edit they use with the app called picsart

What was at the of enlightenment thought?

Education and scientific discovery

What was the center of the enlightenment?

education and scientific discovery

What is the username and password for discovery education?

There isn't a set password for Discovery Education. Different teachers and educators have different passwords. If you want to, you can make your own account.

What is the passcode in spy island in poptropica?

passcode 1 laser passcode 2 hair passcode 3 removal

How do you remember your iPod touch passcode?

just write it down somewhere. its not that hard to remember 4 numbers. or make ur passcode ur date of birth or something so that u will always remember

What was at the center of elightenment thought?

Education and scientific discovery

What was at center of enlightenment thought?

Education and scientific discovery