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B b b c d d g a a b g a g d c

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Q: What are the notes for Santa got stuck up the chimney on the recorder?
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Christmas carol or song initials wsgsutc?

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney

What are the Lyrics to the Jimmy Boyd Song Santa Got Stuck in the chimney?

In part..... Santa got stuck in the chimney, cause he was so big and round. He giggled and he wiggled and he tickled and he sneezed, he couldn't move from his head to his knees. sorry, that's all i remember

How does Santa get in your house if he doesn't fit down the chimney?

Well santa can't get into your house becuase he always gets stuck down the chimney but now he can get into your house becuase he has invented a magic key for eveyones house. So he can go in and out of your house without getting stuck!

How do you spell the word chimnee?

The correct spelling is chimney.An example sentence is: "Santa ate so many pies that he got stuck in the chimney".

How do you spell the word cheimney?

The correct spelling is chimney.An example sentence is "Santa was stuck in the chimney for two hours until the firefighters rescued him".

Who recorded the song When Santa got stuck up the chimney?

Though many groups recorded it, it appears to be a traditional folk Christmas song.

Santa Claus is on the roof and is stuck in the chimney. How do you get him out please help him before it's too late?

Thanks for worrying. Sometimes Santa gets stuck for a moment or two, but then he always gets unstuck. It is special Santa brand magic. :) If this happens again (your chimney is a little tight), please refrain from calling the fire department. There are a lot of unfortunate Christmas Tree fires on Christmas, and you don't want to distract the nice Firemen from helping people in need, since Santa is magical and can get out of anything. :)

How does Santa feel when he is in a small chimney?

He feels very happy because he is about to bring joy to people's lives. He also feels a little stuck. But whenever that happens, he just does a little magic and he is fine, so he never gets stuck for long.

Santa gets in your house through this?

Well, it started as a joke, The Elves bet Santa that he couldn't fit down the chimney-- because of his round belly. But they forgot to tell Santa "without using magic". Chimneys won't fit a human, or even a child---and it's very dangerous too. But Santa used his magic and ... well, that's how Santa started coming down chimneys. BUT-- no one but Santa should even try this! You'll get stuck and hurt and fire & rescue workers will have to take apart the whole chimney just to get you out.

Did someone rescue Santa from the chimney yet?

He was stuck there for a few weeks alright, but the lack of food meant that he eventually lost weight and slipped down the rest of the way - and was able to get out of the house.

How many times does the Grinch get stuck in the chimney?

Only once.

How many times does the Grinch get stuck in the chimney in how the Grinch stole Christmas?

twice i believe WRONG!! the Grinch only got stuck once in the FIRST chimney. :D